Whether your intention is to free up cash flow, lease to own your fleet or outsource the entire management of your fleet, we have the right solution that will enhance your business.

Do you need...

Total Budget Optimization

Do you need a cost effective management solution to optimise the running of your vehicle fleet? Do you want to outsource all procurement, management and disposal? Do you require a needs analysis to position your fleet?

Vehicle Financing Solutions

Do you want to lease, own, hand the vehicle back at lease end, or have us re-finance your existing lease to free up cash flow? Is vehicle selection and ordering a challenge?

Service and Maintenance

Do you want to substantially reduce your maintenance costs, take advantage of our bulk buying power and bring in stricter controls?

fleet service

Are you being burdened by the administration generated from running your fleet? Do you want full reporting at your fingertips?

Value Added Products

Do you need to take control of your fleet’s fuel consumption? Do you need intelligent monitoring of driver behaviour? Do you need to reduce accident risk? How about insurance? Are traffic fines driving you mad?

Commercial Vehicles

Are you looking for a commercial fleet that works for you? Do you need a fuel efficient delivery vehicle? Have you thought about motor bikes, tractors, light delivery vehicles or panel vans?

Green Fleet

Are you looking for a more eco-friendly lease? Do you need to rent vehicles with the best fuel efficiency? Do you need accurate reporting on CO2 emissions?

Vehicle Disposal

Is an aging fleet tying you up? Is freeing up cash flow important to you? Are you getting the best prices on your vehicle resale?

What our customers have to say

“We are pleased to have partnered with Avis Fleet for the outsourcing of our fleet management requirement. Avis Fleet continues to provide superior and reliable fleet management advice, vehicle procurement and management services as well as reporting.”

“Avis Fleet have been providing fleet management advice and expertise to our company for the past 14 years with the contract appointment and signing being made in 1999.  As our Fleet Management service provider of choice, we are pleased to confirm that our partnership with Avis Fleet continues to deliver high levels of service across a cast and complex national footprint.”

“Within the services provided by Avis Fleet, we identify our very own “Big 5 Principles and Company Values” of Professionalism, Reliability, Competency, Honour and Trustworthiness, supported by a proactive and equally focused approach to managing the integrity of our substantial daily Fleet Management requirements.”

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