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Are you looking for a more eco-friendly lease? Do you need to rent vehicles with the best fuel efficiency? Do you need accurate reporting on CO2 emissions?

Increased public concern about the impact of carbon emissions on climate change has placed immense pressure on businesses to strive to reduce their carbon footprint, that's where green fleet comes in.

Our fleet company offers “sweet spot” reporting capabilities so that you have the right vehicle, for the right time period and mileage. With an extensive database of the CO2 emissions for various vehicles, green fleet helps you to ensure that your vehicles produce the lowest emissions.

Recommended solutions:

Fleet Procurement

Fleet Procurement

Our team is uniquely equipped to assist you with your individual fleet needs. We understand the painstaking effort involved in fleet procurement, and with our experts’ assistance you can easily select your fleet needs and create a tailored solution.

Fuel Management

Fuel Management

Fleet fuel card fraud and fuel theft is probably a company’s greatest source of financial loss. But with Avis Fleet, we can help you save between 8% and 14% of your fleet’s fuel consumptions costs through our Intelligent Fuel Management (IFM) product. IFM has a 90% accuracy rate.

Maintenance Control

Maintenance Control

If you select Avis Fleet’s Maintenance Control product, the A-Z of maintenance management is cheaply and effectively taken care of.


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