Vehicle Financing

Fleet financing

Do you want a full maintenance lease or an operating lease where you take responsibility for maintenance? Our fleet financing solution ensures that your business gets the lease option that is best suited for you.

With over 30 years’ experience in the fleet management industry, we have earned a reputation as a market leader and product innovator. We are able to offer you a complete vehicle financing solution to enhance your fleet management requirements.

Recommended solutions:

Fleet Procurement

Fleet Procurement

Our team is uniquely equipped to assist you with your individual fleet needs. We understand the painstaking effort involved in fleet procurement, and with our experts’ assistance you can easily select your fleet needs and create a tailored solution.

Maintenance Control

Maintenance Control

If you select Avis Fleet’s Maintenance Control product, the A-Z of maintenance management is cheaply and effectively taken care of.


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Fleet Reporting

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Avis Fleet do not currently enter into lease agreements with private individuals. Please contact Avis Mini Lease or Barloworld Fleet Marketing for assistance.

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