Fleet Consulting

Expert advice based on your business needs

Avis Fleet understands that your fleet is unique – that's why our fleet management solutions take a consultative and partnership-based approach to shaping a product especially for you. Fleet Consulting means that every aspect of your business is taken into account and each of our solutions is tailored to your needs. We offer you the best financing option with sound operational advice. Our experienced consultants are trained to evaluate every cost – from procurement to the maintenance process, fuel management and final vehicle disposal values, ensuring that you aren't incurring any unnecessary expenses. We provide Fleet Architecture where we design a fleet solution centred around your needs.

Our consulting process is based on your requirements and business demands. By analysing your needs and vehicle policy requirements, we can design the most efficient way to provide better performance and beneficial cost savings in your fleet. Our intelligent software enables us to determine the most appropriate term and kilometre allocation by vehicle. Vehicle resale value and maintenance are the main cost elements taken into account when calculating the optimal monthly rental. Contact one of our consultants today if you are looking for a custom-made fleet solution.

Fleet Consulting
The benefits are:
Build your fleet with our experts
Reduce the risk of owning a fleet
Unique fleet solutions built for your needs

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