Driving sustainable development with SED Initiative: House Dorandia

Driving sustainable development with SED Initiative: House Dorandia

Children who are cared for by a dedicated group of parents, friends and community members providing a family structure have been shown to be better off than children who are institutionalised and placed in large hostels.

Avis Fleet’s IT Social Committee chose to support the Umephi Project, specifically House Dorandia. Sustainable development is close to our hearts so we are happy to be able to make contributions to House Dorandia in different areas and help with facilitation of other donations.

We arranged for a contractor to repair and paint the walls and ceilings. The contractor donated wood laminate flooring to replace the cement floors in the children’s rooms and the playroom.

We were happy to donate a contribution to House Dorandia’s monthly groceries. We provided a donation of non-perishable foods which were donated by IT staff. Bokone Meats donated R400 per week of meat to House Dorandia to the value of R9 600.

There are also other facets to having a good quality of life, that’s why we wanted to repair the kid's Jungle Gym with the help of  Alers Jungle Gym who also donated three new playground ‘cars’ to the value of R4 600. The kids were very excited to see the various toys that were donated by IT staff. The IT department donated a desktop computer to assist Emily (the house mother) in advertising and research for House Dorandia, and TV Tech mounted the house’s television to the wall and also installed the satellite dish. Not to mention raising a whopping R7 100 in cash donations from the IT Department.