Commercial Vehicles

It's all about flexibility

Avis Fleet’s Commercial Vehicles solution has everything you need if you’re looking for a sound commercial offering. Our leasing options help you to choose the one that best fits your business because this solution is all about flexibility. We offer a range of trucks and trailers or fleets of vehicles. They suit everything from SMEs to big enterprises and large industries including – but not limited to – construction, long-haul, medium distribution, fuel transport, general goods transport, courier and mining.


Leasing Commercial Vehicles from Avis Fleet means that you have access to the vehicles you need and the expertise you require to support you and your business. When you outsource your fleet management to us, you will have access to all of our solutions and value-added products.

We will take you through the type of finance options that will suit you from the get-go. Our commitment is to offer you the best economy with the least hassle as a minimum standard. The flexibility of our solution lets you choose the one that’s the most economical and the lowest risk. We also ensure the lowest running cost of your asset. This includes finance, maintenance, fleet management, fuel management and driver management. Optimum lifecycle management from cradle to the grave. You manage transport, we manage the fleet.

Commercial Vehicles
The benefits are:
Flexibility of use
Mitigate risk
Outsourcing of non-core processes

Commercial Vehicles


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