Driver 360

Comprehensive auditing tool

The Driver 360 scorecard combines some of Avis Fleet’s most advanced technology so that you can use data to manage your fleet more effectively. It’s also accessible through the Fleet Interactive portal for maximum convenience.


Driver 360 consolidates driver information from Telematics – including harsh braking, harsh acceleration, idling and taking an inefficient route – and adds this to data gathered from Intelligent Fuel Management such as how much fuel is being used and whether it’s being used efficiently. What Fleet Managers receive is an accurate driver score showing the effectiveness of their drivers’ driving behaviour.

Fleet Managers will get an overview of their department or company. A normal range can be set for drivers allowing them to be assessed according to different criteria and given a score. With Avis Fleet’s managed exception reporting, Fleet Managers can be notified when drivers fall outside the norm.


If every driver in the fleet improves and performs within the norm, there will be a significant overall benefit for your business. Drivers will also be safer, better driving will result in fuel savings, vehicles will be used more responsibly and there will be less wear and tear and less need for maintenance.

Driver 360
The benefits are:
Driver data to manage your fleet
Consolidated driver scorecards
Dynamic real time reporting 24/7

Driver 360 Fact Sheet


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