Manage your daily fleet requirements at the touch of a button. Our Fleet Interactive portal provides you with a single platform for end-to-end fleet reporting including driver, vehicle, technical and cost reports and your own custom-made reports. Companies who want to stay ahead of the pack need to make use of technology and our value-added fleet reporting is a user-friendly solution that will keep you up-to-date by simply logging onto our fleet portal on our website. Just go to and click "Fleet Interactive". Fleet management reporting was designed as a quick reference assistance product for you to access information on every vehicle you have in your fleet, including contract details, vehicle inspection details, fuel transactions, full vehicle specifications etc. Fleet Interactive includes many different aspects, from keeping track of a driver's whereabouts to keeping fuel costs down, vehicle maintenance and, of course, road safety. A good Fleet Management company is adaptable to the needs of their customers, whether they would like to reduce fleet costs, be more efficient, or protect themselves from fraud.  The Fleet Interactive reporting tools make fleet management simpler and more effective so you don't have to wade through loads of information, allowing you to optimise the management of your fleet - putting you at the helm of your fleet data with all the tools you need at your fingertips.

Reactive fleet management with advanced fleet reporting.

The fleet interactive portal provides you, as the fleet manager, with a single portal for end-to-end fleet reporting. From driver, vehicle, technical and cost reports to your own custom-made reports.

  • vehicle detail per cost centre
  • detailed accessories fitted per vehicle
  • contract details
  • vehicle inspection details
  • fines paid on your behalf
  • fuel transactions
  • driver-name changes
  • full vehicle specification
  • traffic fines

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