Fuel Cards

Effective fuel management

Fuel is an integral part of a total outsourced solution for any fleet and for this reason, Avis Fleet has partnered with two of the major banks, namely FNB and Standard Bank, to offer our customers a back-to-back fuel card offering. The card allows you to pay for on-road fuel purchases, oil top-ups, top-ups and all tolls. This solution lets you enjoy discounted rates by leveraging our oil company partnerships. With consolidated billing through a single trusted supplier, it also means fewer administrative hassles for you to deal with. Our admin team is your one point of contact and is here to help with daily fuel card queries and the ordering and cancelling of fuel cards.

The Avis Fleet Fuel Card allows you to get online verification of fuel card parameters such as card status, tank capacity and the number of fills per day, which all limit the risk of fraud. Our transaction reports and consolidated billing put your data at your fingertips. And you can enjoy cost savings with preferential card fees, interest rates and fuel rebates. We offer you relief from the administrative burden of fuel transactions and more convenience than ever because, with Fleet Interactive, we can facilitate disputes logged for Open Road Tolling.

Fuel Cards
The benefits are:
Discounted rates
Works with Intelligent Fuel Management
Consolidated billing and reporting

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