Intelligent Fuel Management

Saving on your bottom line and reducing fraud

Fuel spend is one of the biggest worries for today’s fleets. The volatile price of fuel with its constant increases is a major concern.


Fuel card fraud and fuel theft can also result in massive financial losses for fleet businesses. Avis Fleet provides comprehensive fuel risk management. Using the Intelligent Fuel Management (IFM) solution, you can proactively manage your fuel for a nominal monthly fee.


We monitor your fleet transactions in real time, transaction by transaction, to reduce your monthly fuel spend. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just give you exception reporting, our reports cover every transaction, line by line, in real time and you will see quantifiable savings every month.

As soon as we detect any fraudulent activity, your dedicated Avis Fleet Bureau Operator will send you an alert and once you have responded, we will continue to support you through every step of taking criminals to task.


IFM begins with a complete fuel data analysis of all your transactions where our system establishes what you are paying for fuel and identifies how you can save money. After that, we will monitor every transaction and send you weekly or monthly reports detailing all discrepancies.

Intelligent Fuel Management
The benefits are:
Manage fuel spend
Fuel bureau alerts for potential fraud
Dynamic fuel reporting

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