Open RoadTolling

We help fleet operators to deal with the implementation and maintenance of e-toll management. Our open road tolling solution takes on the administrative burden of e-tolls and long distance tolls, which have added a considerable cost and administrative burden on fleet operators. We can take over your e-toll account management and provide you with consolidated e-toll reporting through our managed fleet solution. If you are in doubt as to whether your driver was billed correctly, we help to facilitate in dispute logging for Open Road Tolling via our online Fleet Interactive portal.

Fleet administration made easy

By managing your commercial fleet with Avis Fleet tools you can benefit from

  • Consolidated e-toll reporting with your managed fleet solution.
  • Telematics tools will ensure your vehicle was billed correctly, based on driver route.
  • E-toll account management.
  • Intelligent fuel management of your fleet cards combined with the e-toll management as a value add for any fleet administrator.

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