Short Term Rentals

Get access to vehicles over a shorter period

A Short Term Rental is a vehicle rented for a period of one day up to 11 months for customers who want a rental vehicle for a short period of time. Avis Fleet facilitates these rentals through their partners Avis Rent a Car and Avis Van Rental. This type of rental is for customers who have a fleet vehicle that’s unavailable for some reason or who need to transport employees or goods. Avis Fleet can facilitate the rental of a replacement vehicle or additional vehicle for the customer.

Based on the customer’s needs, we facilitate the booking, delivery, collection and management of the vehicle rental process. With Short Term Rental, we offer day-to-day rentals (cars, LDVs and selected trucks), long term rental (30 days), minilease (3-11 months), point-to-point drive, chauffeur drive and luxury cars. The booking is made on the Avis Fleet corporate account and billing is forwarded to the lease account for a 30-day settlement back to Avis Fleet. So there’s no need for the customer to have an account with Avis Rent a Car or pay with their credit card.