Traffic Fine Management Solution

Take control of the management of your fines

Resolving traffic fine issues can be challenging and time-consuming, but Avis Fleet’s Traffic Fine Management Solution (TFMS) can help. Outsourcing your fleet management and using our TFMS to deal with your vehicle’s traffic fines will make your life much easier. Our fines management solution is user-friendly, cost-effective, operationally viable and in line with SA legislation.


The TFMS places the accountability of fines squarely on drivers because the ticket is issued to them, not a company or proxy as happened in the past. This helps businesses save money and eases the administrative burden of paying the fines of employees who drive company cars.

The TFMS caters for the administration of fines issued under the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO) or the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA).


TFMS helps you to avoid the loss of earnings incurred by guilty drivers or a loss of productivity for companies. With AARTO, employers can be proactive and check the number of points their drivers have against their identity number and take the necessary steps to avoid negative outcomes. The TFMS reports show which drivers have fines issued against them, the nature of the infringements and the number of fines in their names.

Traffic Fine Management Solution
The benefits are:
Resolving your traffic fines
Time Saving
Reduction in administration effort

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