Our flexible lease-to-own option allows you to decide if you want to purchase your fleet vehicle at the end of the leasing period. This means that you can take ownership of the vehicle either at the nominated residual value determined at the beginning of the lease or at a market related residual value at end of term. We have found that drivers close to retirement, who have been driving the vehicle for a long time, appreciate this option. Some companies give first right of refusal to their drivers, giving them the option of buying the vehicle at an agreed upon amount at the end of the lease period, encouraging drivers to look after their vehicles. Depending on your needs, vehicle ownership, might be the best vehicle financing option for your business.

Reduce your risk

  • we offer a flexible lease-to-own package
  • if you don’t want to own the vehicles, Avis Fleet’s standard Full Maintenance Lease takes all the risk away from you.

We offer a tailored lease-to-own option as part of your fleet agreement.

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