Road Trip 101: the perfect holiday survival kit for your journey

Road Trip 101: the perfect holiday survival kit for your journey

Here’s what we suggest you include in your holiday survival kit:

First aid kit

“Safety first” as they say, but many people’s first aid kits are lacking when they take on the open road.  Aside from the standard plasters, painkillers, antiseptic and insect repellent, you need to prepare for any and everything that could happen on the road. Remember: you’re out of reach of your local doctor and pharmacy should someone fall ill. Make sure you include anti-inflammatories, medication for stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting, antihistamines, sterile eye drops, and cough medicine and lozenges. If you need a prescription for any of these, ensure you see your doctor before hitting the road.

Road comfort kit

The comfort holiday survival kit consists of items that make the long journey a bit more bearable. Use a small container that fits comfortably in the front of the car so that it can be easily accessed by all passengers. Fill this container with items that are usually readily available around the house – you’ll be thankful to have these creature comforts around when you’ve been on the road for hours. Be sure to include items like wet wipes, tissues, napkins, dental floss, lip balm, hand cream, nail and cuticle trimmer, a power bank and anything else that you usually have on hand at home.

In-car provisions kit  

What road trip is complete without some “padkos”? Over the holiday season restaurants at roadside fuel stations are usually packed and waiting an additional hour just to be seated and served can add unnecessary stress to your journey. Packing snacks and treats keeps the hunger at bay and gives you a chance to be creative with roadside cuisine. Classic favourites like chips, cool drinks and energy sweets always go down well. But try to add some healthier alternatives with slow energy release like berries, nuts and biltong. If your holiday destination requires a full day’s travel, put in the effort to prepare a wholesome lunch the day before  departure. Opt for meals that taste good cold, can easily be eaten with your hands and don’t create a lot of mess (pastries and crispy baked goods are usually a no-no). Chicken drumsticks, meatballs, sausages and boiled eggs are great on-the-go proteins and raw veggies like carrot and cucumber sticks, and broccoli and cauliflower florets go down a treat with a little container of non-drip hummus.

Being prepared for your holiday journey goes a long way towards ensuring that you arrive at your destination safely and ready to relax. Starting any journey with a well-maintained vehicle and the peace of mind that assistance is available along the road in the unfortunate event of a  breakdown goes a long way in reducing the stress of travel, especially over the busy holiday season. At Avis Fleet, we have our very own survival kit in place to ensure that every vehicle on every journey is taken care of. Have a look at our comprehensive fleet solutions to see how we can help you optimise your fleet.