Fleet Solutions

We are in the business of shaping solutions that minimise cost, eliminate risk and give you time to focus on your core business.

Our fleet management solutions assists you through each stage of your fleet life-cycle. We have a range of vehicle fleet solutions to support all your business needs. From vehicle acquisition, to maintenance, cost-saving technologies and making provisions for accidents. We will even assist with the resale of your vehicles. Our products have been formulated around distinctive fleet patterns so we’re able to offer you variable and fixed cost options. Whatever your needs, we have fleet management solutions for you.

Total Budget Optimization

Need to reduce expenses and increase fleet productivity? A fleet audit will be undertaken to see where Avis Fleet can assist your business.

Vehicle Financing Solutions

Reluctant to take on the risk associated with fleet ownership, as well as the hassle of having to repair and maintain your own fleet? Avis Fleet's vehicle solution is for you.

Vehicle Ownership

Our flexible lease option allows you to decide if you want to purchase your fleet vehicle at the end of the leasing period. This option is available to you as we understand that your drivers may want...

Fleet Procurement

Our team is uniquely equipped to assist you with your individual fleet needs. We understand the painstaking effort involved in fleet procurement, and with our experts’ assistance you can easily select...

Maintenance Control

If you select Avis Fleet’s Maintenance Control product, the A-Z of maintenance management is cheaply and effectively taken care of.

Fuel Management

Fleet fuel card fraud and fuel theft is probably a company’s greatest source of financial loss. But with Avis Fleet, we can help you save between 8% and 14% of your fleet’s fuel consumptions costs...

Open Road Tolling

With the introduction of e-tolls, an open road tolling system may be complex to implement and maintain by over-burdened fleet operators. Not only do they contend with administration overload of...

Traffic Fine Management

Having to navigate AARTO’s regulations is time consuming and laborious which is why Avis Fleet’s Traffic Fine Management Solution (TFMS) is so popular.

Accident Management

Do you need to reduce accident costs? Accidents by their very nature are a hassle and it’s our job to keep your fleet on the road with minimal disruption. We handle the tedious process from start to...


In terms of accidents, prevention is always better than cure. Introducing the Telematics solution – an innovation that provides advanced theoretical and practical driver training. Essentially it’s for...

Green Fleet

While vehicles contribute a relatively small amount to the total carbon emissions at a mere 9,9%, there is a lot that we can do to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint.

Fleet Reporting

At the touch of a button, you can manage your daily fleet requirements.

Avis fleet can help with...

Is the burden generated by managing your fleet getting you down?

Do you have full control of your vehicles whereabouts?

Would you like accurate carbon emissions reporting?

Do you need to minimise the admin burden of repairs and replacement of damaged vehicles?

Would you like to take ownership of your vehicle at the end of your contract?

Do you effective controls of your fleet’s e-toll and long distance toll spend?

Are you protected against fraud, fuel theft and abuse?

Are you getting the best e-toll and long distance toll rates?

Are you spending too much on vehicle purchasing?

Would you like to shape your financial solution using our extensive financing experience?

Is tyre life and expenditure a concern?

Do you want to outsource your fleet management entirely?

Do you have control of your fleet’s fuel consumption?

Is the admin burden generated by fines management getting you down?

Could you be saving between 8 and 10% on your fuel bill through fraud, fuel theft and abuse management?

Do you need to drive down your maintenance costs?

Do you receive up to date vehicle maintenance reporting?

Do you need us to take care of the admin and get the best rates – cutting out the hassle of toll payments and disputes?

Would you like to track your progress in reducing carbon emissions?

Are you sure you are getting the best possible price on your vehicle purchases?

Do you have accurate and user friendly fleet reporting at your fingertips?

Are your maintenance costs spiralling out of control?

Is the admin generated by repairs and replacements of damaged vehicles becoming a burden?

Would you like to use our financial experience to help shape your financial solution?

Don’t let the admin burden generated by fines management stress you out?

Do you need to replace your fleet with more eco-friendly vehicles?

Need fleet reporting to eradicate unnecessary fleet costs?

Do you need to track your drivers’ behaviour?

Would you like to free up capital, yet still retain vehicle ownership at the end of your contract?

Do you have the right tyres based on your fleet’s usage patterns?

Would you like to take advantage of our bulk buying power?

Would you like to reduce fleet and fuel costs?

What our customers have to say

“We have a fleet of approximately 150 vehicles.  With the help of our Key Account Executive, our fleet is one of the top performers, financially, in the company”

“I have personally dealt with Avis Fleet since 2007, although the relationship dates back to 1996.  During this time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of Leasing and Fleet Management Services, managed maintenance, fleet selection and management of fines.  Their professionalism has ensured that we are able to concentrate on our core business knowing that our fleet is being both efficiently and effectively managed.”

“I can confidently recommend Avis Fleet as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field.”

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