Why Finance Managers should outsource fleet management

For some time now, company Finance Managers have been trying to see where they can save money in our strained economy. The best solution is for fleet companies to outsource their fleet management. Outsourcing reduces costs, increases efficiency and eliminates risk. It improves profitability and creates long-term and sustainable savings.

Why Finance Managers should outsource fleet management

What we have to offer

Companies in these tough economic times are tightening their belts and being forced to downsize and streamline their operations in response to current factors. But they should also keep in mind that outsourcing fleet management is about more than just cost savings, it’s about adding business value, it’s a continued shift from a commodity pricing focus to an overall value and service focus.

Let’s break it down

With our Full Maintenance Lease solution, Avis Fleet takes on all the risks of owning and maintaining vehicles, including providing the capital finance and carrying the risks of maintenance and resale. You also have the option of taking ownership at the end of the lease. We help businesses reduce risks in their fleet by:

  • Providing an easy source of financing despite the size or type of business.
  • Improving cash flow.
  • Creating predictable monthly payments.
  • Reducing admin by outsourcing non-core processes (e.g. fuel management, maintenance, accident management).
  • Managing the removal of asset and disposal risks.
  • Providing flexibility of use.

Avis Fleet has an extensive offering to help you operate your fleet. Outsourcing your fleet management to us allows you to rest assured that every aspect of it is taken care of.

We have solutions that help customers with everything from vehicle acquisition to maintenance, Telematics, and making provisions for accidents. Find out more about our solutions.