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Full Maintenance Leasing

A FML lease provides fleet operators with the use of the vehicle(s) of their choice, for a pre-determined period and distance. AFS assumes risk of ownership while fleet operators purchase only usage.
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Fleet Accident Management

Saving both the time and frustration of dealing with panel beaters, towing companies and insurance houses; FAM will facilitate the entire accident procedure, ensuring you receive the best price on all repairs.
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Ad Hoc Rentals

Avis has the largest network in South Africa and therefore can be assured that you will find a Avis at your destination.
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Fines and AARTO

With years of experience and a unique product developed around the AARTO Act, we are able to guarantee a solution that meets Customer expectations.
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Driver Training

Teaching drivers advanced driving techniques, accident avoidance, thinking ahead, and reacting to emergency situations. These skills translate into a reduction in accidents providing a direct saving to the company.
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License Renewals

Our comprehensive vehicle database allows us to proactively manage licenses for customers. Together with the AFS License Administration Systems, negates the need for drivers to risk driving unlicensed vehicles
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Managed Maintenance

If the option to retain ownership is preferred, AFS are able to provide expert monitoring and control of maintenance – keeping a watchful eye on the company’s moving assets.
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Fuel Cards

An AFS fuel card allows you around the clock fuel management on all fuel, toll and oil expenses. The monitoring of exceptions will translate into savings on your bottom line.
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Service and Maintenance Plans

With the ever increasing costs associated with servicing and maintaining a vehicle facing Fleet Managers, the ability to set the future pricing upfront with the purchase of a vehicle, remains an attractive option.
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Avis Fleet Services is the leading brand in Leasing and Fleet Management Solutions in Southern Africa. The company, wholly owned by Barloworld Limited was established over 30 years ago on the entrepreneurial belief that success requires courage, the vision to think big and patience to start small.

Celebrating over 30 years of fleet service excellence

Avis Fleet Services pioneered the "Full Maintenance Lease" concept over 30
years ago. Avis Fleet Services have been certified as the leading
Fleet Management Company in RSA for 7 consecutive years.

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