Eco-driving: how to become a better driver

Eco-driving: how to become a better driver

Cars are one of the main contributors to global warming. They are built with an internal combustion engine that mixes fuel with air. When this mixture is lit, it emits energy and leaves carbon dioxide, water vapour, and other gases and waste products. These gases are vented from the car’s exhaust system into the air and become a part of the atmosphere. When it comes to driving, there are many things that you can do to help minimise your negative effects on the environment. Here are our top eco-driving tips for being a more environmentally friendly driver.

Eco-driving tips

  • Have your car serviced regularly so that it operates at its optimal level. When your car is running in its best condition, it will burn less fuel and produce less carbon.
  • Make sure that your tyres are inflated and have the correct pressure. This will ensure that they have the least rolling friction or resistance with the road.
  • Make sure your car is as light as possible to minimise drag and maximise fuel efficiency. Do not carry unnecessary items in your boot that will weigh the car down and take off your roof racks when they aren’t being used.
  • Watch your speed. Driving at high speed requires more energy and burns more fuel than driving at slower speeds.
  • Turn off the air con or heater. If you can do without them, you can save on the energy required to power these items.

Eco-driving will make a difference to the planet. But making your fleet green will be even friendlier. The fleet management industry can follow sustainable business trends by procuring a green fleet. While there is still much research to do about making green fleets financially sustainable, there’s little doubt that going green is better for the planet and can be easier on your pocket too.

A fleet management specialist can take you through the intricacies to establish the total life costs of the fleet. Avis Fleet’s “Sweet Spot” reporting capabilities offer the right vehicle, for the right time period and mileage, taking CO2 emissions into consideration. For more information about Avis Fleet solutions click here.