How to choose the right fleet company for your business

How to choose the right fleet company for your business

But a fleet company such as Avis Fleet takes away the complexity of fleet procurement by using innovative business intelligence software and much more to pair your company with the optimum fleet package. Here’s how.

Sweet Spot Reporting

Your need for transparent information to support your choice of fleet company is met by Avis Fleet’s Sweet Spot Reporting. This business intelligence software, an innovation of Avis Fleet, generates quotes designed to suit your exact fleet procurement requirements. The fleet company determines the most appropriate term and kilometre allocation by vehicle. Vehicle resale value and maintenance are the main costs that are taken into consideration when calculating the optimum monthly rental. Put simply, Avis Fleet provides the optimum solution to solve an infinite number of problems with finite resources.

Shaped Solutions

Avis Fleet’s Shaped Solutions are tailor-made to your business needs and include modular and flexible solutions. After doing a fleet audit, Avis Fleet will present an analysis of your fleet and make suggestions as to where fleet procurement could be optimised. Specific Value-Added Products are advised in addition to the standard full maintenance lease, which are designed to save you money, minimise the hassle of fleet procurement and reduce company risk.

They are:

  • Intelligent Fuel Management, which has saved businesses millions of Rands in fuel card fraud;
  • Telematics, which improves driver safety, tracks driver behaviour and leads to cost savings;
  • Fleet reporting, which enables a customer to access their fleet’s data at the touch of a button;
  • Traffic fine management, which helps navigate the complex traffic infringement system;
  • Green fleet, which manages the sustainability requirements of your fleet;
  • Open road tolling, which manages e-tolls and other toll fee administration;
  • Vehicle financing solutions and many more.

Superior Customer Service

Avis Fleet understands the service delivery requirements along their customers’ journeys, and the fleet company’s role in delivering this.

Here’s what customers have to say about our customer service:

  • “We have been in a business partnership with Avis Fleet since August 1990.  They manage 17 of our auxiliary vehicles.  The consultants supply meaningful recommendations and inputs when it is time to replace vehicles, and also regarding the management of our vehicles”.
  • “I prefer to outsource virtually every aspect of this to Avis Fleet. Why should I carry a head count to do a function that is not my core business? Avis Fleet is reliable and gives me the lifespan I need. I’m as happy as punch”.
  • “Avis Fleet provides me with transparency and visibility of costs.”
  • “With Avis Fleet Interactive, I am able to go online and get data at the touch of a finger; this helps me with resolving problems in real-time.”
  • “Avis Fleet provides me with a unique solution which is flexible. It’s shaped around my current business vision and strategy. What I like is that it’s easily adaptable as my needs change. I always get maximum business mileage from my fleet.”